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I am the voice inside your head - and I control you

Mistress Ruby Riots is a professional dominatrix in the heart of the San Francisco Bay Area, published alternative and fetish model, an adult film performer, and a performance artist. She has starred in several AVN nominated films, an AltPorn Awards nominated film, and creates independent clips.

No stranger to kink, fetish, and D/S, Mistress Ruby has been exploring the realm of BDSM as a lifestyle player since 2015 and has been playing professionally since 2019. Always one to stray from the pack, a black sheep so to speak, Ruby found her calling in the kink, underground music, and queer community and immersed herself into a community of diverse people unafraid of raising their freak flags. Ruby loves playing with other similarly-minded, alternative weirdos.

San Francisco Bay Area Dominatrix Blonde Tattooed Femdom Latex Mistress

A sensual yet sadistic dominant, Ruby is an intoxicating mix of sugar & spice. Her presence demands your attention by the click of her heels and the palpable energy she exudes as she dominants the room. She is attuned to your body in ways you did not know were possible. She reads you like a book when she gazes deeply into your eyes, surmising how she will corrupt you.

Are you ready to be liberated from a life of monotony? Plunge into the unknown: She will guide you into submissive bliss and you will experience new heights of ecstasy and liberation.

If you are interested in seeing more of me, you can find my content in the adjacent links. 

Upcoming Tours

Washington D.C. : April 26 - April 29
Philadelphia : April 30 - May 1
New York City : May 2 - May 5
Boston: Fall 2024
Seattle & Portland : Dates TBD
NOLA & Georgia: Dates TBD
Texas: Dates TBD

*Available for FMTY*


"Goddess Ruby is a rare genuine gem of dominatrix to submit at least once in a lifetime if not more. When you enter her presence, you sense confidence, strictness, and a yearning to give you the best dominance experience. Nothing from her attire, makeup, and hairstyle is left to hazard. I just fell to her feet when she stood in front of me, scrutinizing me with her intuitive eyes and intimidating gaze. She was so hot and sexy yet knew how to maintain me in my place. I could not resist her demand for worship which I did from her awesome boots to her privileged derriere. She knew my weakness and instructed me to continue worshiping her, I almost cried with joy/pain at the idea of doing it for her pleasure.

Goddess Ruby will take the time to get you well stretched before penetrating you with love, yes, she fucks with love, she breathes and pushes you to breathe of pleasure, of pain with the sense of being in a supra-moment. Goddess Ruby can read your mind, even when you are confused by this charismatic dominatrix. The scenes, dynamics, and kink power exchange were just beyond what I had expected since it was my first time. Goddess Ruby put me at ease while demonstrating that she was in charge.

I enjoyed the magnificent kink experience and did not see the time go by. At the end she allowed me to resurface from the subzone, through a light conversation. I told her how much I appreciated her and would love to submit to her again when she comes to the east coast."

-Sub Sphinx

"Ruby Riots - a moniker which I must say is a bit misleading. Ruby Riots is demure, elegant, and classy. Her beautiful tattooed canvas of a body may give one the assumption that She is an aggressive man eater (I’m sure She would be if that’s your thing though).


I first became aware of Ruby Riots on either EROS or Tryst, I can’t quite remember. None the matter, once I saw Her pictures and read Her description, I was immediately captivated. I saw that Ruby would be making an east coast tour and coming to New York - and knew that I had to take advantage of the opportunity to serve Her.


I reached out to Ruby, and She was prompt and pleasant in Her rapport with me, and after a painless reference collection process, we booked two hours that would involve facesitting, ass and body worship, choking, bondage, and some light CBT.


Once I arrived at Ruby’s elegant hotel room, I was greeted by a Goddess with a stunning figure, a gorgeous face and a wry smile. I could tell from her Knowing grin that she already had devious plans for me.


We sat down and discussed our expectations for the session, and Ruby was a delight to converse with. We went over limits, safe words - anything a responsible Domme would take into consideration. Once we had gotten to talk briefly, Ruby went to get changed into her outfit. When She came out, my eyes practically bulged out of my head. As stated earlier, Ruby is a physical work of art - from Her amazing figure to Her resplendent body tattoos, She is quite a sight to behold.


Ruby led me into the bedroom and instructed me to bend over the bed, and began flogging me. She started softly, and increased the strength of Her blows slowly. I could feel myself getting more aroused in anticipation as She moved over to a harder paddle, which hurt a bit, but was more than worth it to please Ruby Riots. After all, it’s all about pain for pleasure.


After softening me up for a bit, Ruby laid me on the bed and proceeded to straddle me - choking me with Her hands as She looked directly into my eyes. If I had died in that moment, it would have been absolutely worth it. Ruby teased me with nipple clamps and some light/moderate CBT, but respected my limits to the letter. I had brought Ruby some thongs to try on during the session (should She want to) and She was gracious enough to smother me in all three of them. By this point, I was in pure sub-space and cannot describe how positively heavenly Ruby’s ass looked in these thongs. As our session continued, I could feel our vibe increasing. All it took was a devilish glance and She knew exactly what She was going to do to me next. Ruby took me places that only true lovers of domination can lead their subs, so She is the real deal.


One thing I must emphasize about Ruby is that She is definitely not a clock watcher, and our session was at least full length, if not a few minutes longer. Once our time together came to a close, Ruby allowed me to shower off and clean up. After a promise that I’d come see Her next time I was in the Bay Area, we embraced and I was back off into the world.


It’s hard to remember leaving the hotel or going home, because all I could think about was my euphoric experience with Ruby Riots. Selfishly, I wish I could keep Her all to myself, but in truth She is a gift that deserves to be shared with the world. If you’re a sub and you’re in the San Fran/Bay area (or a city Ruby Riots is on tour) do yourself a favor and book a session with Her. Trust me, you will not regret it.

"A consummate professional as well as a genuinely sweet person (to the deserving!), but still hard as nails when the time came (and such a delightfully evil laugh!), Ruby was the perfect domme to contact as an inexperienced and frankly very nervous submissive masochist. Ruby showed great care in easing me into the dungeon experience, increasing the intensity with each session while always being attentive and solicitous to my needs. They not only fulfilled my roleplay fantasies, but consistently surprised me with clever twists on them, and by introducing unexpected forms of play. Giving myself up to them was not only a lot of fun, but a journey of self-discovery and a source of cherished memories. It was a special pleasure to share in this form of mutually-affirming power exchange with someone who shares my anti-authoritarian values. If you're waiting, wondering, do not hesitate to contact Ruby! Your respect and generosity will be rewarded beyond your dreams."

- L.

“I have had 3 sessions with Mistress Ruby, and I look forward to many more. A submissive could not ask more of a mistress.


Their knowledge of the tools of the trade, their ability to inflict physical punishment in a variety of ways and at different levels of intensity, cannot be doubted. They can effortlessly switch between roles, and play each utterly convincingly. And no one looks better doing it, more effortlessly sexy.


But what makes the experience of a session with Ruby truly special is their understanding of the minds and desires of submissives. It is simply uncanny. Ruby knew what I wanted. They knew better than I had what my desires were. Though they followed my instructions exactly, they led me to discover new thrills, new excitements, new joys in submissiveness that I hadn’t even considered in my fantasies.


To play with Ruby as a submissive is not simply to have a wonderful time; it’s to learn to understand your submissiveness and masochism more deeply. I didn’t only enjoy our sessions; I enjoy more now my own submissive and masochistic tendencies.


Ruby cares about the experience of their clients. Ruby does not simply enjoy inflicting pain and humiliation; they seem truly to enjoy their submissive’s own enjoyment. I think this is the greatest quality a dominatrix and a mistress could have. No one who causes suffering the way Ruby does could do so without caring about their victim.


I was brought to what is called “sub space” by Ruby, and it was one of the most intense experiences of my life. Yet for how hazy were my senses, the image of Ruby standing above me, in statuesque pose and with an expression mixing contempt, pity, and pleasure in their power and superiority, is something I will never, can never forget. I don’t think any submissive could come from a session with Ruby and be able to forget it.”

“Ruby is an intuitive play partner, good-humored, quick witted, and chameleon-like in her ability to transition from one persona to another. I marvel at the variety of characters she takes on in her media work: the tough street punk, the Betty Page vixen, the Leather & Latex wearing Mistress. 

I had the good fortune of a session with Ruby as 'naughty school girl' in need of old fashioned discipline. Outfitted in a traditional school uniform, she was simply splendid, effortlessly falling into her role and taking what was, imho, a very thorough woodshedding. It’s exhilarating to play with someone who is clearly enjoying themselves every bit as much as you are. She is a treasure. 

I can’t wait to see her again. Deciding on which persona I’d like to encounter when next we meet Is the very kind of dilemma kinksters like me delight in.”

- D.

Ruby is an extremely approachable, welcoming and comforting person with an exceptionally open mind and kind heart.

It is easy to talk with her given how genuinely caring she is. She offers thoughtful insight that helps combat personal insecurity while forming new perspective.

The positive impact that interacting with Ruby provides has the rare and invaluable quality of true timelessness: After you meet her, you will remain exponentially more accepting of and significantly less doubtful about yourself.

- Jon

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