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Honoring boundaries and consent (including an understanding of Safe, Sane, and Consensual Kink) are of utmost importance to me. Hard limits should be communicated and safe words will be respected. I except us both to respect one another's boundaries. Polite and private exchanges, whether we are in the dungeon or communicating through email, are also of importance to me. Respect also includes valuing my time, whether it be through email exchanges or arriving on time. Arriving late can cut into your session time.

My time outside the dungeon is just as important. Session inquiry emails to me must be concise and sufficient in providing information. Email exchanges that go up to 25 or more for booking requests will be subject to a charge of $50. My time is valuable and I do not condone fantasy bookers.

Tributes & gifts are greatly appreciated but are not expected. An additional tip for showing your enjoyment of our time together and admiration for my craft, time, and energy is always welcome.


In order to understand one another's boundaries, limitations, and kinks, communication is key. Sometimes things come up last minute and you're running late: Please communicate that to me as soon as possible. Inform me of any medical issues or allergies I should be aware of. Tell me what gets you excited and what you do not want to do. Please use your safe words during scenes.


Please shower, brush your teeth, and use mouthwash prior to the session. If you intend to shower before we begin, please communicate that with me ahead of time. All time with me in person counts towards your session time, so please plan accordingly. If we are doing any anal play, arrive clean and prepared. I am sensitive to fragrances and would appreciate you arrive with little or no fragrances.

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