Who do I session with?

I session with all walks of life and do not discriminate based on gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, religious affiliation, ability, size, or prior experience with BDSM and kink. I do not session with people who are disrespectful, lie, or push boundaries. You must be of legal age.

Where do I hold sessions?

I hold in-call sessions at a beautiful, fully-equipped dungeon in Oakland and San Francisco. At this time, I am only offering in-call sessions.

When am I available?


My availability is usually between Tuesdays and Fridays and typically is quite limited, but accommodations can be made for other days provided I am given proper notice. I expect at least one week's notice prior to bookings and do not offer same-day bookings. I may be able to accommodate bookings with less than one week's notice for repeat clients.

What is my tribute?

Donation is $300/hour.*

*Any type of play that requires additional prep/cleanup will have an additional surcharge donation of $50 (i.e. latex, wrestling, splooshing, crimson showers, etc.)

*Scat play requires an additional $300 surcharge donation and a $200 deposit for all clients

Do I require a deposit or have a cancellation policy?

Yes, I require a $100 deposit (per hour) for new clients. You can send deposits through Cash app to $RubyRiots or Venmo to @Ruby-Riots (the notes sent with donations through these app must have no text: please leave the note blank if possible or use discreet, random emojis). This fee is subtracted from my hourly tribute and you pay the remaining donation in cash when we first meet.

The deposit ensures that you do not waste my time.

All cancellations must be submitted 48 hours or more in advance for deposits to be refunded. If I am given 48 hours or more notice through email, the deposit may be used within a month's time from the original date to secure a rescheduled booking. Cancellations made with less than 48 hours notice will forfeit the deposit and will no longer be refundable or transferable. 

Do I have a screening process?

Yes, I require 2 references from professional providers for all new clients. References must include providers' name and email and/or phone number for me to contact them. Please ensure that you have received permission from providers to share their information as a reference and ask which form of contact they prefer. Additionally, please include links to providers' websites or their social media account if a website is not available.


Alternatively, if you are new to BDSM and kink or have no active references, you may send me a photo of your driver's license, passport, or ID (government-issued only). Personal information such as your home address may be blurred out, but I do need to see your name, date of birth, and picture.

Another option is to send a link to your public LinkedIn profile, business website where your name and contact information are visible, or your public social media profile where your legal name and picture are visible. 

What are my hard limits?


I do not engage in any illegal or sexual activities. 

I do not allow any touching of my genitals or any part of my body without my permission. Nudity may be requested, but is highly unlikely and I reserve the right to deny it. I reserve the right to end the session early if I feel my boundaries are not being respected. 

Do I offer switch or submissive sessions?

Yes. I offer submissive and switch scenes, but only offer limited services, which you can find under my Interests section. The more we play together and establish trust, the more options become available! (i.e. restrictive bondage)

Do I offer virtual sessions or customs?

Yes! I offer Skype calls, texting sessions, and custom photosets and videos. Tribute for video and phone calls are $50/15 minutes, texting sessions are $25/30 minutes. Custom photosets are $25 for 5 photographs and custom videos are a $50 minimum at $10 per minute. I accept payment through Cash app and Venmo. Complete my session request form to book a virtual session.

How can I contact you?

Please thoroughly read the FAQ, Interests, and Values pages before contacting me. I do not tolerate time-wasters. I try to respond to emails within 48 hours or less, but tend to be quite busy. Do not message me again if I haven't responded yet.

Click the Contact Me page. If you have any burning questions to ask me, you may text me here.