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Ruby's Return to the East Coast: September Tour

East Coast, you're next! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This September I will be adding Washington D.C. to my tour route! I'd absolutely love to hit a punk, hardcore, or metal show while I'm out there. Give me a tour of the city and let's have some fun!

I had to change my tour dates around a bit; see changes below: 2023 East Coast Tour D.C. . . . . . . September 3-6 New York City. . . . . . September 7-11

Philadelphia. . . . . . September 12-13 Priority will be given to 2 hour or more sessions. I'm always down for social outings, like dinner and a show, a museum trip, or shopping! New York City has some of my favorite shops: Treat me to some new latex or a cute punk outfit. Apply to serve me via my contact form, or by emailing me at Be sure to mention in your email the city you'd like to see me in. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I cannot wait to revisit my friends from my last tour and make some new friends.

Let's get riotous!

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