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Power Hungry

It's no surprise that I became a successful dominatrix. I vividly recall kicking a guy in the nuts in 5th grade and it giving me squeamish delight. Being reprimanded by an authority figure for my jest did not phase me. Now as a woman, I do put great care into my practice by establishing consent with my victims, but I push timid submissives to new levels, edging their fears, and showing them how much they can take. I know the human body and psyche is capable of so much, as I've personally elected to be suspended by hooks and tattooed for hours on end in the most tender areas. Physical limitations are merely an illusion and really the trick is the proper motivation. If not go all out for yourself, push yourself for me.

As I move along further and further into my career, I find myself yearning for more. More money, more tours, more freedom, more knowledge and skills, more gear, more submissives, and I want more from my submissives. I expect a lot from my submissives, especially those who claim to want training and to be collared. While tributes are an excellent way to get my attention, I also am looking for submissives who will do acts of service, like running my errands. For those looking to make a good first impression, you can start by clearing my wishlist.


I'm thrilled to announce that I am now a fully independent dominatrix, recently having made a transition out of The Gates. I do miss the community of the Gates, appreciate the mentorship I received there, and will cherish the memories I made, but it's high time that I continue my career on my own, following my own path and paving the way for new opportunities. With the new freedom I have to create my own schedule and focus more on being a dominantrix, I am taking more classes to expand my skill set, offering outcalls, making more femdom content, offering virtual experiences, and providing more services like cucking (and more! — see my Interests page for more information). I also have plans to continue touring the country and have my sights set on Portland, the East Coast (possibly adding Boston!), and LA in 2024. Within the next year or so, I intend to travel south as well, adding Georgia and Texas to my tour route.


I anticipate 2024 will be a successful year for me and cannot wait to continue expanding my realm of perversion!

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